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2005 Festival Photos

Last year's festival took place August 5 - 7, 2005 at Loveland, and boy was it awesome. Here are some photos from the weekend. If you have some you'd like to add please chuck them into our Flickr group.

Our Mission

Featuring more than forty bands chosen by local musicians and fans, the second annual PDX Pop Now! festival will showcase the astonishing breath and depth of Portland's local music scene.

With Loveland generously donating its space for two days and three nights worth of shows from Aug 5 through Aug 7, PDX Pop Now! is a local music event meant for EVERYONE. No matter what age you are, or what type of music you listen to, our goal is to provide you one place to catch some of Portland's finest, in a safe and fun atmosphere. Who knows? Maybe next year, you'll start your own music festival!

As the national music press glows over Portland's diverse and experimental music community, we've decided to celebrate here at home. Who are we? A group of local musicians, writers, and fans from the PDX-POP mailing list who've coalesced around the idea of organizing a free local music festival. Our mission? Celebrate the achievements of bands who've achieved "success" - while promoting the no-less talented but often lesser-known bands around town.


Click here for t-shirts! Whee!


Click here to download the 2005 PDX Pop Now countdown widget! Whee!


To give all of you procrastination-prone musicians in Portland another shot at getting your music considered for the 2006 PDX Pop Now! compilation CD, we've decided to extend the submission deadline another two weeks. So, quit twiddling your thumbs and submit your music. Send a CD-quality original track along with a filled-out copy of our Submission Form to:

PDX Pop Now!
PO Box 14773
Portland OR 97293
And tell all your music-playing friends to do the same. Be sure to get those submissions in by April 14th. We won't be extending the deadline again. Good luck!


We are proud to announce that the Third Annual PDX Pop Now! festival of Portland music will be held July 28-30th at The Loveland! This will be the third consecutive year in which The Loveland has been home to the festival. So, mark it on your schedules and start getting ready!

In other news, submissions for this year's Compilation are still open through the end of the month, so be sure to get your track in on time (see February 2nd's announcement below for details).

And we want to send out a big thank you to all the great new volunteers who came to last night's open meeting. We'll be getting in touch soon. If you couldn't make the meeting, but are interested in helping out with this year's festival, send us an email at Anyone and everyone are welcome.


Are you interested in getting involved with PDX Pop? Come to our volunteer meeting:

Powell's City of Books
World Cup Coffee and Tea House
1005 W. Burnside
Monday, Mar. 20,

You'll get a chance to meet and chat with some of the festival organizers and to signup to work on all aspects of the festival. Anyone and everyone are welcome regardless of experience or proclivity. All you've got to be is excited about Portland music. Come, make a festival with us!


Submissions are now open for the Third Annual PDX Pop Now! Compilation. If you make music in Portland, you can submit your music for consideration. Send a CD along with a filled-out copy of our handy dandy 2006 Compilation Track Submission Form to:

PDX Pop Now!
PO Box 14773
Portland OR 97293
Be sure you get your submission in by March 31st, that you fill our the form clearly and legibly, and that you include a full CD-quality audio file of the song you want considered. Submissions will be open through the end of March, so hurry up and get yours in.

Past compilations have been double-disc affairs featuring about forty new tracks from great Portland bands large and small. We get more and more submissions each year, so be sure to get yours in early! Good luck!


HELL.YES. We think we can safely say this year's festival was insanely awesome. Without getting all teary-eyed let us just say that we continue to be impressed by Portland's amazing sense of community and homegrown pride. The love you all bring to this event is totally inspiring and - dare we say it? - life-affirming as all hell. We had capacity crowds every night and steady daytime crowds. Best of all, you were all attentive, excited, open-minded and just plain awesome.

And did we mention the bands ruled? Yeah, they did.

Special thanks go out to all the volunteers who donated their time and missed their favorite bands to make sure everything ran smoothly, and of course to YOU, the people who came out and made it all worthwhile.

There's more festival recap action at Willamette Week here, and some bloggy stuff here (and here and here), here, here, and here (email if we missed you, k?).

There is also a Flickr photo group set up with tons of photos from the fest. Please add photos if you have them!


That's right people, the 2005 PDX Pop Now! festival starts TONIGHT at 6:30pm at Loveland! We are so freaking stoked! Click here for the full schedule! See you there!

Those of you chained to your computers or possibly just plain not living in Portland can also stream the festival here. Enjoy!


The Portland Mercury has published an astoundingly thorough festival overview, which you can set your eyes on here. Also, the Tribune has a review of the comp here, and the Oregonian mentions us a little down the page here. Thanks press friends!


Today sees the publication of not one but two awesome articles featuring our humble festival! Click here to check out the Oregonian's article on this year's festival, and here for some picks. Click here for Willy Week's take on last year and here for this year. Also look out for a piece in tomorrow's Portland Mercury. Thanks to the writers for taking the time to cover the show. This is starting to get really exciting!


Come sign up for shifts during the festival ... which starts THIS FRIDAY! Whoah, do we need your help. On Wednesday at 6:30pm we'll be at Rose & Raindrop (532 SE Grand Ave) to answer any questions and get you everything you need for the weekend. We need lots of general help to keep the festival running, so if you want to be part of this, now's the time to show up!

To get in touch with the volunteer coordinator, hit us at infoatpdxpopnowdotcom. Yeah.


Don't ya wanna hear your favorite track from this year's PDX Pop Now! compilation on the radio? There's a good chance you can. Listen to 94.7, or even better, take matters into yr own hands and e-mail or call 94.7 (KNRK) and ask them to play a track ...


The 2005 PDX Pop Now all-volunteer goon squad is proud to announce the schedule for this years festival! Click here to check it out!

2005-07-27 NEW WEBSITE!

Yep, we've gone and cleaned this place up a bit. It's basically the same but a lot nicer to look at. Special thanks to Tyler Stout for the artwork, Javan Makhmali for the coding help, and Sum Wu for the original template upon which this is all based. Enjoy!


Thanks so much to everyone who came out to cd release party at Holocene last night! We had a blast and we think you did too. Also, check out these great reviews in the Portland Mercury and Willamette Week.

In other news, we are currently in the process of finalizing the schedule for the festival, which will be posted her early next week. Stay tuned!

2005-06-28 VOTING ENDED

Voting has officially ceased for the 2005 PDX Pop Now! festival. The final vote count was a whopping 6,490 votes! That's insane! Honestly, we are totally in awe of the amazing show of interest and support that number adds up to. Thanks to all of you who voted, told your friends, and helped us get even more pumped for the festival itself. Speaking of which, the dates for this year are August 5 - 7 at Loveland. We'll be posting the final schedule as soon as we nail it down. Stay tuned!


The 2005 PDX Pop Now compilation is in our hands and lookin' sweet! If you haven't seen the crazy awesome tracklist, you should do that. The comp wil be officially released on July 21st at Holocene. Like last year admission to the show will get you a copy of the CD. We'll also have raffles and bands all that good stuff. More details as they emerge.


A couple weeks ago Portland Mercury Music Editor Zac Pennington interviewed PDX Pop Now organizer (and the dude typing this) Matt Wright. The results are contained in a nice little article here. Thanks Zac!


OK, Mac heads, this one's for you. Those of you with the new OS X Tiger operating system can now dowload a custom-made widget that countsdown the days till the festival. How awesome is that? Click here to grab it. Props to lead Popfest Geek Greg Borenstein for making this happen.

2005-06-08 VOTING UPDATE

We are shocked and amazed at the tremendous reaction we've seen in the first few days of voting. Since going live on Wednesday we've received over 1,7000 votes in four days! That's nuts! It's so exciting to see you all getting excited about this, and makes us that much more pumped for the festival itself. Rad.

We have been experiencing a few mysterious technical difficulties, but on the whole things seem to be running pretty smoothly. We just sent out another round of confirmation emails to those who have not yet confirmed their votes. Hopefully this round will reach those voters who for some reason did not receive these emails after they voted. If you have yet to receive any email, or are having any other problems with the voting system, please send us an email to describing your situation and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

Thanks to everyone who has voted, told their friends to vote, and generally helped get the word out. There's still plenty of time left to vote, so keep 'em coming!


PDX Pop Now is stoked to annouce the start of voting for this year's festival. We encourage you all to vote which Portland bands you'd like to see play this year. We'll use your suggestions to help us book the raddest festival in P-Town! OK, one of the raddest. The last day for voting is June 30th, so don't put it off for too long, alright?

UPDATE: We seem to be having some problems with people not getting their confirmation emails. This seems to be mostly affecting people on big servers like Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. If you are one of these people, rest assured that your vote has been received, and we'll be sending out another round of confirmation emails once the voting dies down a little (probably tomorrow) to make sure you have a chance to confirm it. Those of you who have already confirmed your vote via the email link you received are all set and don't need to worry about this. Thanks for bearing with us, we weren't quite expecting the AWESOMELY insane traffic we're getting today. AWESOME! Thanks for voting!

2005-06-08 PDX Pop Now on Pitchfork

The good people at Pitchfork gave us a nod in a front page news item today. Check it out here. Thanks to writer Jason Toon and everyone at Pitchfork!

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