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Thank you to the bands, volunteers, RefugePDX, and our fans for a great festival!

City Hall

Our City Hall show sets the stage for our community outreach efforts, and takes stage every July on the steps of City Hall. Inaugurated in 2006, the free, all-ages concert has quickly become a mainstay thanks to our ongoing relationship with the City of Portland and Mayor Sam Adam’s office. Moreover, the non-traditional venue places Portland music, rightfully, at the heart of the city for all to engage in.

It’s a perfect setting to promote the festival and encourage public involvement. Whether it’s the nine-to-five crowd, families exploring downtown, dog walkers or elected officials, the audience is as diverse as the streets themselves. This event instills the energy of our music scene into the core of our community.

It shows that homegrown music matters not only to individuals, but as a city. Every year it continues to serve as a reminder that independent music resides as a centerpiece to life in our city, and that the engagement in our local arts communities is a legitimate and productive form of civic involvement.

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