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Requests: Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are band requests open to the public?
Through the month of April.
Who decides on which bands play the festival?
The decision is made by the booking committee of PDX Pop Now!, but is heavily influenced by the public requests.
How does the booking committee come to a final decision on bands that play the festival?
After getting back the results we'll learn about and listen to each band requested. We'll categorize them by genre and note the number of requests they received. Final booking decisions will be made by a group of volunteers lead by the PDX Pop Now! board.
If I request a band will they automatically play the festival?
No. The purpose in going out and asking for band requests from you is to capture a wide-ranging, inclusive view on the different facets of the Portland music scene. This process is purely a reference point for getting a sense of what you want to hear and what you are interested in.
Is a "request" the same thing as a "vote"?
No. We changed our terminology from "vote" to "request" because we felt that the word vote was misleading. A vote means majority rule, but PDX Pop is about more than popularity; it's about bringing together a wide range of great musicians. Your input does two very important things: It gives us a sense of the more well-known bands in town and it will introduce us to bands that we may not have ever heard of before.
Do bands with the most requests end up playing the festival?
Not necessarily. In addition to putting together a fun show of Portland favorites, we try to give great bands that fall through the cracks a chance to be heard. For these bands, playing the festival can be an opportunity to play to a larger audience, an opportunity that successful already self-sustaining acts don't necessarily need.
Will there be a wide range of genres represented at the festival this year?
PDX Pop strives for inclusivity and diversity in local bands. We want all genres represented at our festival and encourage all of you to request all types of bands to play!
How many bands can we request?
As many as you want!

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