About The Compilation

As a complement to the annual PDX Pop Now! festival, a compilation album is curated as one-part fundraiser, one-part shameless promoter of Portland musical talents. In its first year—as with the many that have followed – this compilation sold out multiple times over, and received praise from both local and national media outlets.

To date the yearly compilations have sold thousands of copies combined, mostly through local, independent record stores and online sales. Since their inception, they’ve been double-disc affairs featuring about forty new tracks from great Portland bands—large and small.

As a PDX Pop Now! production, the compilation includes a democratic aspect. Music tracks are attained solely through artist submissions, and are then run through a rigorous listening panel comprised of our board members and 100 plus volunteers. After surviving the listening panel, final tracks are then selected with attention to diversity, representation and popularity.

It’s their discerning ears that sift through hundreds of songs to produce a much anticipated amalgam of “PDX pop.” Each album is met with a release concert featuring—you guessed it—Portland artists at a Portland venue, both of which have garnered considerable attention from national media, as well as thousands of plays on college and public/community radio across the country.

The 2015 Compilation

“Every year, PDX Pop Now! brings the city a great, free, all-ages music festival, but as if that weren’t enough, they also compile a superlative, unmissable, two-disc album that collects the best music from around the city ” – The Portland Mercury

Presenting the 2015 PDX Pop Now! compilation, featuring 42 tracks from all Portland, OR artists. Known for bringing attention to some of the most talented musicians Portland has to offer, PDX Pop Now! celebrates the 12th compilation dating back to the non-profit’s inception back in 2004.

To date, the yearly compilations have sold thousands of copies through independent record stores and online sales. Each year, a fresh batch of devout music lovers spend hours as dedicated volunteers, sifting through the diverse song selections PDXPop Now! receives. Music tracks are attained through artist submissions, and are run through a rigorous listening panel comprised of our board members and over 100 volunteers. After making it through the listening panel, final tracks are then selected with attention to diversity, representation, and popularity.

Promoted by Distiller, distributed by CD Baby, produced by Cravedog and mastered by Sky Onion, it’s with much love and appreciation for all of you that we present this year’s PDX Pop Now! compilation. May these smooth jams make for your go-to summer soundtrack.

Get it online June 3rd, 2015, or pick up the CD at record stores around Portland such as Everyday Music, Jackpot Records, Music Millenium, Tender Loving Empire, and many more!

Track listing:

Disc One

  1. The Tamed West – Trial
  2. White Glove – Picture of You
  3. LEO – Stopping to Start
  4. The Domestics – It Came to Me
  5. Dogheart – Night Jewels
  6. Sunbathe – With a Little Help
  7. Gold Casio – Colors on the Wall
  8. bed. – Wayward
  9. Jackson Boone – Dolphin Turned into a Cat
  10. Appendixes – Burn
  11. Barra Brown – Rose
  12. Old Wave – Indigo
  13. Beach Fire – Love Junkie
  14. The Reverberations * – The Way I Want You
  15. Landlines- On the Grid (Our Love Is)
  16. Shadowlands – Killer Hips
  17. Brownish Black- You Can Taste It
  18. Rasheed Jamal- Urban Decay
  19. Moon By You – Effigies*
  20. Roselit Bone – Slow Hot Death
  21. Psychomagic- Bad Idea

Disc Two

  1. Cat Hoch – Look What You Found
  2. Dusty Fox ft. Coco Columbia – All The King’s Men
  3. LEO ISLO – Oh Dystopia

  5. Mo Phillips – Electric (Don’t Even Try)

  7. Pastel Mute – Strangers
  8. Fringe Class – Halloween Superstore
  9. Robin Bacior – If It Does

  11. Thanks – Bad Tattoos
  12. Bibliothek – Rorschach
  13. The Fourth Wall – The Dying Lights
  14. Kool Stuff Katie – Hard Girl to Know
  15. FINE PETS – More Condos, Please
  16. Dylan Stark – Shelter *
  17. The Weather Machine – As Long As We Get Along
  18. Barna Howard - Indiana Rose*

  20. Luz Elena Mendoza – Face to Face
  21. Minden – Saint

  23. Wishyunu – Photoplay
  24. Fog Father – Summer Heat
  25. Bombay Beach – Sonny
  26. Chocolate Cool but Rude’- I’m Back

* Physical CD only

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