FRIDAY JULY 24th, 2015

EAST Stage Dirty Revival 6pm
WEST Stage Balto 6:40pm
EAST Stage Roselit Bone 7:20pm
WEST Stage Blue Cranes 8:00pm
EAST Stage Mope Grooves 8:40pm
WEST Stage Moon By You 9:20pm
EAST Stage The Shivas 10pm
WEST Stage Dylan Stark 10:40pm
EAST Stage Vinnie Dewayne 11:20pm
WEST Stage Chanti Darling 12am

SATURDAY JULY 25th, 2015

EAST Stage XFA 12:50pm
WEST Stage Arbo 1:30pm
EAST Stage The Stops 2:10pm
WEST Stage Autonomics 2:50pm
EAST Stage The Domestics 3:30pm
WEST Stage Golden Hour 4:10pm
EAST Stage White Glove 4:50pm
WEST Stage Weresquatch 5:30pm
EAST Stage Hot Victory 6:10pm
WEST Stage Hands In 6:50pm
EAST Stage Appendixes 7:30pm
WEST Stage The Lower 48 8:10pm
EAST Stage Jackson Boone 8:50pm
WEST Stage Talkative 9:30pm
EAST Stage Long Knife 10:10pm
WEST Stage Holy Grove 10:50pm
EAST Stage Modern Kin 11:30pm
WEST Stage Nurses 12:10am

SUNDAY JULY 26th, 2015

EAST Stage My Voice Music AMP BAND 12:50pm
WEST Stage Dynasty 1:30pm
EAST Stage Dad Rock 2:10pm
WEST Stage Ladywolf 2:50pm
EAST Stage Kool Stuff Katie 3:30pm
WEST Stage bed. 4:10pm
EAST Stage Big Haunt 4:50pm
WEST Stage Catherine Feeny & Chris Johnedis 5:30pm
EAST Stage The Last Artful, Dodgr 6:10pm
WEST Stage Vice Device 6:50pm
EAST Stage Muscle & Marrow 7:30pm
WEST Stage Marriage + Cancer 8:10pm
EAST Stage Mic Crenshaw 8:50pm
WEST Stage Coco Columbia 9:30pm
EAST Stage Rap Class 10:10pm
WEST Stage Phone Call 10:50pm
EAST Stage blossom 11:30pm
WEST Stage Cool Nutz 12:10am

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