PDX Pop Now! 2016-2017 Team

PDX Pop Now! is managed by a volunteer Board of Executive Directors and Coordinators. Each Director is responsible for overseeing a particular facet of the organization, including but not limited to Logistics, Fundraising/Sponsorship, Grants, Outreach, Booking, Compilation, Tech/Web, Volunteer Coordination, Communications and Design. In this regard our Board operates in the capacity of a rotating volunteer staff.

Administrative Department

Administrative Director: Interested in applying? Go here!
Legal Counselor: Peter Shaver (Sound Advice, LLC)
Bookkeeper: Marian Slakie (Magnolia Management)

Artistic Department

Artistic Director: Meagan Ruyle
Artistic Coordinator: Interested in applying? Go here!
Compilation Coordinator: Interested in applying? Go here!
Merchandise Coordinator: Sarah Eaton

Development Department

Development & Grants Director: Interested in applying? Go here!
Grants Coordinator: Seth Fox
Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinator: Jake Soffer

Production Department

Production Director: Wylie Gibbins
Volunteer Coordinator: Erika Breton
Green Room Coordinator: David Pollack
Street Fair Coordinator: OPEN POSITION

Media Department

Media Director: Annie Ostrowski
Media Coordinator: Beth Martin
Graphics Coordinator: Laura Mark
Media Sponsorship Coordinator: Interested in applying? Go here!
Tech Coordinator: Mike Elliott

Outreach Department

Outreach Director: Lenka Becvar
Outreach Coordinator:  Interested in applying? Go here!

Finance Department

Finance Director: Wylie Gibbins



Annie Ostrowski, Media Director, relocated to Portland after graduating with a degree in communications at Sonoma State University. She currently works as a music publicist for Riot Act Media in addition to her longtime role as the editor and writer for the Noise Pop & Treasure Island music festivals out of San Francisco. Annie began her volunteer work with PDX Pop Now! in 2011 as part of the 2012 festival booking committee and joined the board as Media Director summer 2012.

Beth Martin, Media Coordinator, is a Northwest native making Portland her home since 2006. She began volunteering for PDX Pop Now! in 2011 at the Compilation Release Party and summer Festival, has been on the Booking Committee and Listening Committee since 2012, was the Volunteer Coordinator from 2012 to 2015 and signed on as Media Coordinator in January 2015. PDX Pop Now! is her favorite aspect of the local music scene and she is thrilled to see what 2015 has in store. She currently works for a local boutique music licensing agency.

Mike Elliott, Tech Coordinator, is a nefarious videographer & audio engineer, who just happens to also assist nonprofits and the local arts community with photography, web development, design, and strategy. Though he is by no means a Jack of all trades, Michael surely exudes and evangelizes the DIY ethic & spirit. Having toured the world as musician and composer from a very young age, Michael is quite psyched to contribute to a kick-butt organization that is highly committed to bringing music and the arts to the Portland community.

Erika Breton, Volunteer Coordinator, came to Portland in 2006 to attend the University of Portland. There she was a DJ at KDUP and studied Elementary Education and Spanish. After graduating in 2010, she began teaching in a Spanish-English bilingual first grade classroom and has been there ever since. Erika has volunteered with PDX Pop Now! since 2013 (at the festival and comp release party, and on the listening committee) and is excited about her new role as Volunteer Coordinator. When not in the classroom or volunteering, she enjoys live music, movies and pizza.

All Board Members can be reached by email at

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