FRIDAY JULY 22nd, 2016

6pm Sabonis EAST Stage
6:40pm Saola WEST Stage
7:20pm Ali Muhareb’s Mujahedeen EAST Stage
8:00pm Dragging An Ox Through Water WEST Stage
8:40pm Jenny Don’t & The Spurs EAST Stage
9:20pm Snowblind Traveler WEST Stage
10pm Loch Lomond EAST Stage
10:40pm Eyelids WEST Stage
11:20pm Gold Casio EAST Stage
12am Mic Capes WEST Stage

SATURDAY JULY 23rd, 2016

12:00pm The Scribes WEST Stage
12:40pm Mr. Bones EAST Stage
1:20pm The Tamed West WEST Stage
2:00pm Tender Age EAST Stage
2:40pm Andrew Endres Collective WEST Stage
3:20pm Wave Action EAST Stage
4:00pm Lithics WEST Stage
4:40pm Old Grape God EAST Stage
5:20pm Tiny Knives WEST Stage
6:00pm Love Cop EAST Stage
6:40pm Landlines WEST Stage
7:20pm Sleeping Beauties EAST Stage
8:00pm Antecessor WEST Stage
8:40pm The Lavender Flu EAST Stage
9:20pm 1939 Ensemble WEST Stage
10:00pm Speaker Minds EAST Stage
10:40pm Lola Buzzkill WEST Stage
11:20pm Fur Coats EAST Stage
12:00am Wooden Indian Burial Ground WEST Stage

SUNDAY JULY 24th, 2016

12:00pm Fossa Club WEST Stage
12:40pm The Living Skins EAST Stage
1:20pm Blowout WEST Stage
2:00pm Cilantro EAST Stage
2:40pm Bobby Peru WEST Stage
3:20pm Force Publique EAST Stage
4:00pm Disemballerina WEST Stage
4:40pm Arlo Indigo EAST Stage
5:20pm Dead Cult WEST Stage
6:00pm A Volcano EAST Stage
6:40pm Consumer WEST Stage
7:20pm Coronation EAST Stage
8:00pm Maze Koroma WEST Stage
8:40pm Cat Hoch EAST Stage
9:20pm Summer Cannibals WEST Stage

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