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2005 Festival Photos

Last year's festival took place August 5 - 7, 2005 at Loveland, and boy was it awesome. Here are some photos from the weekend. If you have some you'd like to add please chuck them into our Flickr group.

Our Mission

Featuring more than forty bands chosen by local musicians and fans, the second annual PDX Pop Now! festival will showcase the astonishing breath and depth of Portland's local music scene.

With Loveland generously donating its space for two days and three nights worth of shows from Aug 5 through Aug 7, PDX Pop Now! is a local music event meant for EVERYONE. No matter what age you are, or what type of music you listen to, our goal is to provide you one place to catch some of Portland's finest, in a safe and fun atmosphere. Who knows? Maybe next year, you'll start your own music festival!

As the national music press glows over Portland's diverse and experimental music community, we've decided to celebrate here at home. Who are we? A group of local musicians, writers, and fans from the PDX-POP mailing list who've coalesced around the idea of organizing a free local music festival. Our mission? Celebrate the achievements of bands who've achieved "success" - while promoting the no-less talented but often lesser-known bands around town.


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2005 PDX Pop Now! Compilation CD

artwork by tyler stout

The 2005 PDX Pop Now! compilation is available now at the following awesome record stores:

- Music Millenium

- Jackpot Records

- Everyday Music

- Anthem Records

- Q is for Choir (2510 SE Clinton)

***You can buy the 2005 CD online NOW at HUSH records and Grey Day Productions and Insound***

***Normally you can buy the 2004 PDX Pop Now! CD compilation online at K Records and Kill Rock Stars, but they're out. Ask them to re-order!***

***Sonic Boom just added the 2004 & 2005 comps to their online store, check it out.***

2005 Compilation Tracklisting

Special thanks to CD Forge for burning the CDs, Stumptown Printers for printing the packaging, Tyler Stout for the amazing artwork, and all the artists for donating thier wonderful music.

* previously unreleased


"Rollercoaster" - Sleater-Kinney

"I'm So Low" - The Minders*

"While We Have The Sun (4-track home)" - Mirah*

"Pile of Gold" - The Blow*

"Uh-Oh" - Nice Nice

"To Destruction" - Dolorean

"Radio Radio" - Swords

"Clawz" - Please Step Out of the Vehicle*

"Second Sickness" - Desert City Soundtrack

"Evil Falls" - Holy Sons*

"Windows & Walls" - Modern State

"Daydreams With Daffodils (Stepperz Remix)" - YACHT*

"Lovin' Machine" - Glass Candy

"No Sound" - 31 Knots

"Just Expect" - Copy*

"Why'd You Have to Die?" - Toothfairy*

"Descender" - Point Line Plane

"These Trees Are For Resting" - Alan Singley

"Mountaintops in Caves" - Talkdemonic

"Chemical Reaction" - Spooky Dance Band


"Alive With Pleasure" - Viva Voce

"It's Over" - The Gossip*

"God and Country (live)" - The Thermals*

"A Plague Upon the White House" - Blues Goblins*

"Sista Social Theme Song" - Menomena*

"Gore Appeal" - Die Monitr Batss

"To An Angel on No Condition" - Lkn

"The Untold Story" - Myg feat. Mikah 9, Sleep*

"Hi-Fi" - M. Ward

"Emma" - Sexton Blake

"Smallest Man" - Sunset Valley*

"Move your Body" - The Snuggle Ups*

"Freilechs Von Der Chuppe" - Shicky Gnarowitz and the Transparent Wings of Joy*

"Laughing Gasping" - Wet Confetti*

"What We'll Admit" - Jessica Jones

"I Am the Only Master of the Ten-Key" - Binary Dolls

"Cardboard Box" - Point Juncture, WA

"A Gilded Age" - Norfolk & Western

"Homebody" - Cajun Gems

"All of These Things" - The Helio Sequence*

"From My Own True Love (Lost at Sea) (Demo)" - The Decemberists*


You can send us your music at any point throughout the year -- if you don't make this year's cut-off date, we'll throw your CD in the stack for nest year. Postmark all your wares to:

PDX Pop Now!
PO Box 14773
Portland OR 97293

If you have any thoughts, comments or questions please send the comp committee an e-mail.

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