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About The Compilation

As a complement to the annual PDX Pop Now! festival, a compilation album is curated as one-part fundraiser, one-part shameless promoter of Portland musical talents. In its first year—as with the many that have followed – this compilation sold out multiple times over, and received praise from both local and national media outlets.

To date the yearly compilations have sold thousands of copies combined, mostly through local, independent record stores and online sales. Since their inception, they’ve been double-disc affairs featuring about forty new tracks from great Portland bands—large and small.

As a PDX Pop Now! production, the compilation includes a democratic aspect. Music tracks are attained solely through artist submissions, and are then run through a rigorous listening panel comprised of our board members and 100 plus volunteers. After surviving the listening panel, final tracks are then selected with attention to diversity, representation and popularity.

It’s their discerning ears that sift through hundreds of songs to produce a much anticipated amalgam of “PDX pop.” Each album is met with a release concert featuring—you guessed it—Portland artists at a Portland venue, both of which have garnered considerable attention from national media, as well as thousands of plays on college and public/community radio across the country.

The 2013 Compilation

Available for purchase ($8) at local retail outlets and online at Proceeds from sales of the album go towards funding the festival and our outreach activities.

Get it online from CD Baby, or at record stores around Portland such as Everyday Music, Jackpot Records, Music Millenium, Tender Loving Empire, and many more!

We hope you like it!

Disc One
1. Cherry – Chromatics
2. Golden Twin – Wild Ones
3. Pretty Ghosts – Sama Dams
4. Mystery Life – Aan
5. You Know What to Do – The Shivas
6. Bender – Animal Eyes
7. Addict – Adventure Galley
8. Girls – Ghostapes
9. The Joy of Cooking – And And And
10. Monsters – Just Lions
11. Brighter – Swansea
12. Agent of Corruption – Casey Burge
13. Bystander (Live) – Mount Mazama
14. The Dreamers – Skip Roxy
15. Never Worked so Hard – Dave Depper
16. Shotgun in My Spaceship – Sapient
17. In Time – Woolen Men
18. Sprayy – Wishyunu
19. New Son – Death Songs
20. The Hippie Girl – (feat. Zooey Deschanel, Eric Early and Ben Gibbard) Mike Coykendall
21. Oh February – Y La Bamba

Disc Two
1. Green – Typhoon
2. Electric Blanket – Log Across the Washer
3. Zombies – Radiation City
4. Wasted Thoughts – WL
5. Play It On – Bombs Into You
6. Sims Hunk -(feat. Slow Head) Magic Fades
7. Humanwave – Lava
8. Revelations -(feat. Cassow) Dupre’
9. Coat Check – Queued Up
10. Don’t Come to Me – Nick Jaina
11. We Are All This Way – Datura Blues
12. Ocean Waves – Old Light
13. The Hero – Teenspot
14. Yellow Wallpaper – Eidolons
15. Fourth of July – Catherine Feeny
16. Manatee – The Village Green
17. The Attitude – NTNT
18. Wear Me Out – Summer Cannibals
19. Rock for You – Electric Ill
20. Lost Weekend – Sean Flinn
21. Trains – Wampire
22. Flounce – Magic Mouth

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