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Thank you to the bands, volunteers, RefugePDX, and our fans for a great festival!

Volunteer Opportunities 2012

Listening Committee

Requirements: Can listen to music and form opinions. Fill out an application form. Have some free time on your hands.

When: Friday, March 2 to Monday, March 12. Apply here.

What: Listen to no more than 100 songs which have been submitted for consideration for the 2012 Compilation. Songs are not identified by band name or song name, to make the voting as fair and blind as possible (You’ll get to find out what they are later if you have some favorites). Vote whether each song should be included for serious consideration for the compilation.

Street Team

Requirements: Enthusiasm, and some free time (usually on Saturdays). A staple gun is a plus (but not a requirement)! This can be done on foot or by bike.

When: Anytime PDX Pop Now! needs to get the word out about events or the organization

What: Put up posters in record stores and coffee shops, on street poles, and other public spaces where people gather. If PDX Pop Now! is tabling at events, we may invite you to help spread the word there too.

Festival Volunteers: Band Guide

Requirements: Be welcoming and helpful! Willing to help bands carry things.

When: PDX Pop Now! Festival 2012, July 21-24th

What: You will be assigned a block of time during which your role is to help the bands get in, get situated, get set up, tear down, and pack out. Show them where to park and where to bring their gear. Help them carry things. Bring them water and towels. Answer their questions or find someone who can. Make them feel appreciated! Then tell your friends you got to hang out with the band.

Festival Volunteers: Runner/Rover

Requirements: A little assertiveness is a good thing.

When: PDX Pop Now! Festival 2012, July 21-24th

What: You’ll be assigned a block of time during which you will roam the festival helping make sure things run smoothly. Check with the stage manager, merchandise table, the board members, the green room to see if anyone needs anything. Get people’s questions answered. And here’s where the assertiveness comes in: You may be called upon to remind the occasional audience member that the organization’s reputation with the community is a positive one, and therefore illicit drinking or other behaviors aren’t welcome. You may need to alert the paid security staff.

Festival Volunteers: Merchandise Table Assistant

Requirements: Somewhat organized and a good communicator. Trustworthy.

When: PDX Pop Now! Festival 2012, July 21-24th

What: You will be assigned a block of time to sit at the merch table, selling PDX Pop Now! stuff and stuff from the bands. People will ask you questions about the bands and the schedule, and probably about the organization as well. You will need to handle money and keep track of what gets sold.

Festival Volunteers: Stage Manager

Requirements: Some experience in stage managing, sound, and/or events

When: PDX Pop Now! Festival 2012, July 21-24th

What: Get the bands on stage, faciliate set-up of equipment, communicate with the sound engineers, and make that set happen!

Events OLCC Door Checker

Requirements: An OLCC card that allows you to check IDs at all-ages events where alcohol will be served.

When: This may happen at fundraiser shows, Make It Pop!, the Compilation release show, and other events

What: Check IDs and provide wristbands.

Outreach School Volunteer

Requirements: Free time during the day once or twice per year. Enjoy or at least tolerate kids.

When: Once in the spring and once in the fall, on a weekday.

What: Assist in setting up, putting on, and tearing down school outreach events. Help the presenters and the bands get oriented and set up.

Outreach Presenters

Requirements: Special knowledge in one or more areas of music, music education, or arts education that may be music-related. Public speaking ability. The ability to put together a kick-butt presentation that would wow middle- and/or high-school kids and make them want to pick up an instrument or in some other way get involved in music. There is an application and selection process for this role.

When: Once in the spring and once in the fall, on a weekday.

What: Put together and present a 20-30 minute, dynamic, interactive presentation on some music-related topic that will wow and interest kids. Get them involved, interested, and ready to try something new. This will occur at one of the school outreach workshops in a middle or high school in the Portland area.

Grantwriting Assistant

Requirements: There is an application and selection process for this role. Experience in grantwriting, fundraising, or research. Consistent ability to offer your time and services.

When: Ongoing

What: Participate in researching topics and writing grants. Meet with the Grants Coordinator and other members of the grantwriting team as needed. Work as a team.

Distribution Assistant

Requirements: Ability to offer 4-6 hours per week. A car would be really helpful. We need reliable folks for this task!

When: Ongoing

What: Check at music retailers to see if they are running low on PDX Pop Now! compilation CDs. Deliver CDs to music retailers.

Other Special Roles for the Right Individual (please contact Lisa if you think you are this person)

Donations Assistant (experience securing donations for events/nonprofits; willing to call up businesses and ask them to donate food, products, or services), Street Team Leader (experience organizing groups and accomplishing tasks; enthusiasm), Festival Green Room Manager (organized, reliable, willing to be there most of the day every day), Graphics/Art/Media Assistant (experience in one or more of these areas), Event Videographer or Photographer, Web Assistant (experience with web design, databases, other computer-related stuff), Festival Production Assistant (significant experience organizing events and working with artists and music).

Booking Committee

The booking committee is responsible for assisting the Booking Coordinator in selecting and scheduling the artists for the 2012 PDX Pop Now! free and all-ages music festival. The booking committee might also be responsible for assisting the selection of acts for other PDX Pop Now! events.

When: January through June, committee meetings at least every other week.
Booking Committee Applications are closed for 2012.

For more info, contact:

Lisa Pfaffinger
Volunteer Coordinator
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